Budget Terms of Service

These Payment Terms outline the payment process for Provider Members who receive contact from Customer Members on Thervo.com. While the Thervo.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy govern the overall use of the platform, these Payment Terms specifically address the payment arrangement. Any undefined capitalized terms used here have the meanings provided in the Thervo.com Terms of Use. In the event of a conflict between these Payment Terms and the Thervo.com Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, these Payment Terms take precedence. Thervo.com retains the right to modify these Payment Terms at its sole discretion, without prior notice.

Budget Explained

When a Customer who's lead details exactly match your Targeting preferences contacts you on Thervo.com, our platform will automatically charge your designated credit or debit card on file. for the cost for the lead. Please ensure that you have a valid and active Card stored in your Thervo.com account to facilitate the payment process.

Your budget is the maximum amount you can be automatically charged per week. Your budget resets on Mondays.

Settings A Budget

Thervo.com may require you to set a Budget. If a Budget is required, you'll set how much you are willing to spend to be contacted by Customer Members over a specific Budget Period. By setting a budget, you authorize Thervo.com to charge your designated Card up to the specified dollar amount for your Budget within the designated Budget Period. Rest assured, we will not charge your Card for contacts that exceed your Budget unless you decide to increase your Budget prior to incurring the charges. While we may provide an estimate of the number of customers who may contact you based on your chosen Budget, please note that we cannot guarantee the level of interest or hiring decisions made by Customer Members. The results may vary.

Once you set your Budget, the length of the Budget Period will remain consistent for that specific period. However, please note that subsequent Budget Periods may have different durations. In such cases, you have the flexibility to adjust the amount you are willing to spend. If no changes are made, Thervo.com will automatically prorate your Budget amount based on the new Budget Period. For instance, if you initially set a $50 Budget for a one-week period and the Budget Period extends to two weeks, your Budget will automatically adjust to $100 for the two-week period unless you manually modify it.

Your budget is a the total budget across all of your services. You have the flexibility to modify your Budget at any time and for any reason, even during the middle of a Budget Period. If you increase your Budget, the changes will take effect immediately, allowing you to continue connecting with new customers. However, if you decrease your Budget, the new amount will only come into effect at the beginning of the next Budget Period. If no changes are made in advance of a subsequent Budget Period, your Budget from the current Budget Period will automatically roll over for use in the subsequent period.

Setting Your Default Card

At Thervo.com, our priority is to ensure smooth payment processing. We will make an initial attempt to charge the Card you have designated as the default in your payment settings. However, if for any reason we are unable to charge your default Card (such as an expired Card, cancellation, exceeding the credit limit, or incorrect Card details), you agree that we may proceed to charge any other Card stored in your payment settings. The order in which we attempt to charge non-default Cards will be based on their most recent update. We will prioritize charging the most recently updated valid Card first. Our aim is to facilitate successful transactions and provide you with a convenient payment experience.

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