Budget Terms of Service

Last updated: October 4, 2018

These Budget Terms of Service govern how you pay for being contacted by Customer Members on Thervo.com as a Provider Member. The Thervo.com  Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall apply fully and completely except where provided explicitly herein. Undefined capitalized terms have the meanings ascribed to them in the Thervo.com Terms of Use. In the event where these Budget Terms of Service conflict with the Thervo.com Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, these Budget Terms of Service apply. Thervo.com reserves the right to modify these Budget Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice and in its sole discretion.

Budget Overview

For each Customer Member who contacts you, Thervo.com will automatically charge your stored credit or debit card (“Card”). You must have at least one valid Card stored in order to use Thervo.com. You may be required to set a Budget for at least one category (which may also apply to contacts in jobs related to your preferences). All sales on Thervo.com are final and non-refundable.

Your Budget

Thervo.com may require you to set a Budget. If a Budget is required, you'll set how much you are willing to spend to be contacted by Customer Members over a specific Budget Period. With a budget set, you agree that Thervo.com can charge your Card up to the dollar amount set for your Budget during a given Budget Period. Thervo.com will not charge your Card for contacts in excess of your Budget during a given Budget Period unless you increase your Budget before the charges are incurred. While Thervo.com may provide an estimate for the number of customers who may contact you if you set a particular Budget, Thervo.com does not and cannot control any Customer Member’s interest in contacting or hiring you, and you acknowledge and you agree that any such estimate is not a guarantee. The actual results will vary.

The length of the Budget Period will be clear when you set your Budget and will not change within a given Budget Period. Although, a Budget Period may be changed for subsequent Budget Periods. If the length changes, you can always adjust how much you are willing to spend. If you do not do so, Thervo.com will automatically pro-rate the amount you are willing to spend to the new Budget Period. For example, if you indicate you are willing to spend $50 in a one week Budget Period, and the Budget Period shifts to two weeks, your Budget will automatically be adjusted to $100 for the two week period unless you make changes manually.

Additionally, If Thervo.com combines two or more services for which you have set up a Budget, your Budget for the newly combined service will be the sum of the Budgets for the two or more services. You will always be able to adjust how much you are willing to spend in the newly combined service. 

You can change Budget at any time for any reason, even during the middle of a Budget Period. If you raise your Budget, the changes will take effect immediately so you can continue reaching new customers. If you decrease your Budget, the new Budget will only take effect at the beginning of the next Budget Period. Your Budget from the current Budget Period will automatically be used for that subsequent Budget Period if you do not change your Budget in advance of a subsequent Budget Period.

When You'll Be Charged

When using Thervo.com, there are different points at which your Card may be charged: 

If you are new to Thervo.com or do not have an adequate purchasing history on the platform as determined in Thervo.com’s sole and absolute discretion, your Card will be charged each time you are contacted by a Customer Member and when you do not have an adequate Thervo.com balance to cover the cost of that contact. 

Once you have an adequate purchasing history on Thervo.com as determined in Thervo.com’s sole and absolute discretion, Thervo.com may charge your Card periodically for the total cost during the period of Customer Members contacting you. Thervo.com may charge your Card each time a specific time period has passed; and/or each time the total cost of interested customers who respond to estimates hits a certain dollar threshold. Frequency of charges may not match the Budget Period described above.

Thervo.com, in its sole and absolute discretion, may adjust both the specific time period and the dollar threshold that trigger charges. Also, Thervo.com may, in its sole and absolute discretion, revert to charging your Card each time you are contacted by a Customer Member and you do not have an adequate Thervo.com balance to cover the cost of that customer contact.

Default Card

Thervo.com will first attempt to charge the default Card designated by you in your payment settings. In the event that Thervo.com is unable to charge your default Card for any reason – including but not limited to Card being out of date, Card cancellation, exceeding the Card’s credit limit, or Card details being incorrect – you agree that Thervo.com may charge any other Card stored in your payment settings. Thervo.com will attempt to charge any Cards not designated by you as the default Card based on the order in which they were most recently updated. Thervo.com will attempt to charge the most recently updated valid Card charged first. 

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