Travel preferences

Travel preferences is one way you target the right customers.

Do you travel to customers? Can customers come to you? Let us know where you work by setting a travel preferences for your services.

You will be asked to set travel preferences when you set up targeting for a service. After targeting is set for a service, you can edit your travel preferences for that service at any time.

How to edit travel preferences

  1. Go to your Services page
  2. Click on the service you'd like to edit
  3. Click on Travel areas
  4. Follow the steps to adjust your travel preferences and travel areas as needed.

If you have more than one service in your account, the process will prompt you to save your changes for all services or just the one you're currently editing. This allows you to edit all your services at one time.

If you select  My customers travel to me, you'll be asked to set a travel radius to pinpoint where your customers usually travel from. You can also select I work remotely (phone or internet) to see jobs posted from a very large service area.

If targeting is not set up for any of your services, you can click the  Set up targeting button on the service you wish to set up. This will walk you through travel, job, and any other preference options you have for that service.

How do I get the right leads?

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