What you pay for

What do I pay for?

We get your business in front of real customers who are searching for service providers. It’s free to create a profile and get listed.

You pay only for leads. Leads are customers who have seen your profile and decide to reach out to you about their project.

You only pay for the initial lead. There is no charge for follow-up messages, customer referrals, or additional jobs you get from that customer.

What is a lead?

Leads are customers who contact you for the first time. When a customer is interested in your services, they can:

  • Ask for your availability
  • Request an Estimate
  • Request a Phone Call
  • Send you a message

If you’re interested in working with that customer, it is up to you to respond quickly and tell them why you are the right pro to hire.

What affects the cost of a lead?

Our goal is to price leads as low as we possibly can. Pricing leads is not an exact science, it is a process that changes all the time.

Here are some of the main factors that go into how we price leads:

  • Number of pros available
  • Size of job
  • Type of job

Generally, leads for big jobs will cost more than leads for small jobs.

We are always working to ensure you’re getting value from the leads you buy, so prices will vary. You can review your payment history to see what you paid for past leads, anytime.

You can also boost your profile for 20% off all leads that match your preferences. Learn more about when you’re charged. Boosting your profile helps you get more leads.

When do I pay?

When you pay depends on your preferences and which type of lead you are responding to.

When Boosting your profile, you pay automatically when you receive a lead that is an exact match to your preferences. While Boosting your profile you receive a 20% discount on all leads that you receive.

If the lead is not an exact match to your preferences, or you are not Boosting your profile, then you pay when you accept the lead.

To drum up more leads for your business, you can reach out to customers in your Jobs tab. You only pay for these leads if the customer replies to your initial message. If they say, “no thanks”, then you are not charged.

Here is a break down to make it clearer:

  1. Boosting Your Profile – You are automatically charged for all leads that are a match to your preferences. You get 20% off these leads. If the lead is not a match to your preferences, you are not automatically charged.
  2. Not Boosting Your Profile – Only pay when you accept a lead. You pay full price.
  3. Reaching out to customers through your Jobs Tab – Only pay if the customer responds to your initial message. You pay full price.  You don’t pay if they say, “no thanks”.

It is easy to set your budget and control how many leads you get each week. Learn more about setting your budget.

You will not get hired by every lead, but our goal is that you earn enough from the customers who do hire you so that you can use HomeGuide to get new customers regularly.

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