Where to find prices

You can find lead prices in a few places inside your account.

To see the maximum price per lead, open the “How Much Do I Pay?” question under your budget tool. This tells you the highest price you will ever pay per lead for that service.

Exact Match and Partial Match Leads

The best way to use Thervo.com is to set your preferences. This helps us put you in front of the right customers and gets you a discount on some leads.

When a lead is an exact match to all your preferences, you get a 20% discount on the lead price. You will be charged for these leads automatically, so you’ll find the price of these leads by looking at your Transaction history. We will never charge you more than the maximum price per lead.

When a customer’s lead is only a partial match to your preferences, you will find the price of that lead along with the lead details. After reviewing the lead price and details, you can accept the lead and pay full price or decline the lead and you will not be charged.

Open Jobs

You can also find lead prices in your Jobs tab -- open any job you are interested in and the price will be listed along with the details of that lead. You can contact customers from your Jobs tab without being charged, but you will pay the full lead price if the customer replies to your message.

Price Changes and Updates

We are constantly working to ensure our prices are right, which means prices can change. They shouldn’t change often, but it is a good idea to check the maximum price per lead on Mondays so you know how much you could be charged for leads that exactly match all your preferences.

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