Setting your budget gives you full control of your spending. Your budget is the maximum you will spend on leads each week across all your services.

Once you set your budget during the service setup process, you will be able to edit your budget from your services page.

Can I edit my budget?

You have complete control over your budget. You can adjust your budget to meet your businesses needs as they change. You can edit your budget any time.

Reaching your budget

Remember, your budget is the maximum you can spend each week. Some weeks you might not spend the maximum.

If you are getting close to reaching your budget, we will notify you via email. If you reach your budget before the week is up, you can:

  • Keep your existing budget if you don’t want more leads. If you don’t add more budget, then you will be removed from search results until your budget resets the next Monday.
  • Increase your budget to continue getting new leads. An increase in your budget is effective immediately.

Your weekly budget resets every Monday. Keep up with your budget to ensure you’re getting the right number of new customers. Increase your budget for more leads. Lower your budget if you want to spend less the following week.

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